Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tapas and Hookah in Barcelona: Wonders of Arabic and Spanish Fusion

Spain was once recognised for being a country full of voyagers, spreading its rich culture and legacy across the seven seas during the golden of age of exploration. Thanks to the Spaniards’ history as conquistadors, cultural elements such as bull-fighting, flamenco, and delicious Barcelona tapas have reached worldwide renown. Just like Spain had managed to become a massive influence to numerous far-flung countries, however, there are dozens of other nations that have greatly contributed to the wealth of their heritage as well. One of the nationalities that has had the most profound effect on Spain were the Arabs. The 7th century marked the height of the Moorish invasion, which crossed Spanish borders and left remnants of the Moors’ art, architecture, and language in their wake. For hundreds of years up until the present day, the country carried tell-tale signs that served as proof that once upon a time, the Arabs and the Spaniards co-existed in one land together.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Best Tapas in Barcelona: The Most Delicious Tapas in Spanish Cuisine

Tapas have long been a part of Barcelona’s history, and are considered an important trademark of Spanish cuisine. These sumptuous bite-size dishes are classified as finger food, and are usually served as snacks between meals, as appetizers, or if eaten in combination, a main dish. Unlike more formal meals that oblige diners to sit down and focus on eating, tapas are made to encourage socialisation, giving people the freedom to move about and talk while enjoying their food. There are many different kinds of tapas. From simple cheeses and olives to mouthwatering meats and cold cuts, tapas can be made out of a wide variety of ingredients. Of course, there are certain classic types of Barcelona tapas that have proven to be more popular and well-loved by locals and tourists alike.