Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Enjoy Barcelona Hookah Sessions with Friends—Minus Your Smartphone

So you’ve finished your tour of the activity-packed sprawl of Barcelona. After soaking in the sights and sounds for almost an entire day, however, you find yourself a bit tired and ready to relax. A consensus was reached among your group, and you all decided to wind down at a popular shisha bar in Barcelona like Ziryab. It’s not bad to Instagram and Tweet everything you’ve experienced while enjoying a nice, traditional hookah in Barcelona with your friends. Still, you’re missing the big point of what the gathering is all about—actual personal conversation, and not having your friends look at you for hours while you indulge yourself on your smartphone.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vegetarian Tapas in Barcelona: Authentic Treats You Can Nibble On

Patatas Bravas – A popular Barcelona tapas made of fried or baked potatoes covered in a sauce made of hot pimentón, saffron, sherry vinegar, tomatoes, garlic, and sugar, Patatas Bravas (literally meaning “fierce potatoes”) originated in Madrid back in 1933, and has stayed strong since. Writing for, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt remarks that Patatas Bravas means the same to Spanish tapas bars as chicken wings do to American sports bars. It’s pretty well-known not just in Barcelona or Madrid, but all around Spain for good reason—Patatas Bravas’ simple cooking method allows for limitless experimentation, allowing for different versions at almost every city. It’s also traditionally considered a “social dish,” best eaten with friends and family at local bars.