Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Coca Flatbread: A Popular, Pizza-like Tapas en Barcelona Delicacy

Coca’s most common toppings range from simple ones like strips of red pepper and olives, to more varied or zesty types like the Coca de Recapte (which means anything available in the cupboard is thrown into the dough). At times, canned tuna or sardines in olive oil are added to vegetable toppings. Coca is enjoyed for its seasoning variations according to the local culture, and coques (plural form) are relished in their flavorsome best during fiestas and local celebrations. Coca dough is baked in different ways. It’s often baked open and sometimes closed (folded over). It can also be sweet when enhanced by eggs and sugar, along with additional sweet toppings. Coca can also be savory; with bakers using only the best olive oil, along with topping pairs of vegetable and meat or fish. The almost inexhaustible topping variations contribute to the differences in distinctive flavors among coques baked from different Spanish regions.

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