Monday, May 12, 2014

Today, There are Better Ways to Enjoy a Plate of Tapas in Barcelona

First-timers may want to bring a tour guide or a local friend along with them, however, since ordering tapas en Barcelona is a rather different experience. For starters, tapas come in various flavors and styles, depending on the region where they come from. Catalunya takes pride in its pan con tomate: white bread that is seasoned with tomato, salt, and oil. While it is possible to eat pan con tomate as is, the dish is best served in conjunction with other tapas like patatas bravas. Aside from that, it’s typical for tapas to be eaten in crowded bars and counters whilst standing up. Based on experience, Steves also says that the best time to eat tapas is at about 9 PM, the unofficial start of nightlife in Barcelona.

Foreigners who may have eaten tapas before in some restaurant or bar in their home country shouldn’t miss out on real, authentic Spanish cuisine.

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